Wolf clan game

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In Clan of Wolf, you enter into a world of adventure and magic as you build you Clan of Wolves defeat all the enemies. Seek help and advice from your spirit guide. Game Play Tip: Use the mini map to help you in the game. You can adjust the Quality settings according to your device. It will take you on an ultimate epic journey as you build your warrior clan, use your magic, build your home out of wood, defend against enemies that attack, and ultimately defeat all the Super Bosses.

Please Note : This game will perform best on newer, powerful devices. Please try out our other 3D animal simulators and let us know how we are doing.

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wolf clan game

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wolf clan game

Wild Foot Games. Horses of the Forest. See more. Fantasy SF animal action game combined with weapon, magic and supernatural power.With their rough-hewn ways and druidical religion, the Wolf Clan make odd neighbors for the pragmatic, civilized Serpents. Local Serpent villagers shiver to hear animalistic howls and wild drumming from the Wolf settlements. Visitors speak of their primitive-seeming architecture, and the warlike game of Wolfball, easily mistaken for a controlled civil war- no one without the Wolf Clan's gift for swift regeneration should attempt it.

And there are stranger things glimpsed in the woods, half-man and half-animal Many mysteries still surround them, from the rules if any of Wolfball to the rites their women practice in the full of the moon.

The trauma of the war with the Lotus left deep marks on the Wolf Clan, such as new fighting styles built around bare hands, rocks, and mining implements. Through it all, their basic culture seems to have survived: a delight in nature, harmony with the seasons, and a natural wisdom rooted in balance.

Alone among the Clans, the Wolf Clan does not seek to control or conquer its enemies - their only goal is to return home, to where they belong. To this end, they hope to recapture the Serpent's Orb, the ancient artifact by which the land was broken, and use its magic to return them to their island home.

The Wolf Clan had their humble beginnings in their ancient homeland island. The Wolf Clan were a peaceful people, living off the land while tending and respecting it as it had provided them shelter and food for centuries. The Wolf Clan knew little magic and what little they did know were used by their Druidess Order.

wolf clan game

The Druidess Order were renowned for their medicinal herbs and their control over nature. Life was good for the Wolf Clan.

This age of peace that lasted for generations finally ended when the world was shattered by the Serpent's Orb used by Tarrant The Elder to protect his own clan from the ravenous Horde. The impact of the Dragon Spirit's clash with the Horde sent shockwaves for hundreds of miles and disrupted weather patterns worldwide. Huge waves rose from the sea and quickly drowned the humble island of the Wolf Clan. Rain unlike anyone had ever seen before fell from the sky endlessly and lighting crashed and struck the homes of the Wolf Clan, shattering their simple dwellings of stone and wood to splinters.

Even their own formidable druidic magic were useless to the Druidess Order during this sudden destructive calamity. Some Wolf clansmen abandoned their home to risk their lives on the sea in primitive, wooden rafts, while others clung to their island home and sought protection from the storm from their ancient priestesses, the wise Druidesses. Desperate, the Druidess Order pleaded with the Wolf Clan's deity to save them from this terror.Bogir is a druid who looks for his successor.

You need this stone to finish another quest so you may take the task from Bogir. Your job is to kill the legendary White Ripper - a great wolf terrorizing Nordmar. You get this quest when talking with the leader of the Wolf Clan. Take Hogar with you you met him earlier to destroy the Orcs camping near the southern bridge. It's one of quests I mentioned at the beginning of this solution - no one gives it. To finish this task you have to kill fifteen goblins.

It's not difficult because there are a lot of goblins in Nordmar. Maybe there is someone giving this quest but it's very probably that you finish the task before meeting that person. This quest is given by Jorn, one of the hunters camping in Nordmar woods this group also orders you to destroy the Orcs' camp.

Jorn needs a few exploding arrows 15 pieces. If you don't have it in the inventory, you have to find the hut of Vibald. He is an alchemist producing explosive arrows. His hut is in the woods near the Wolf Clan settlement.

It's a part of the task connected with tracking Xardas. Graypelt is Hanson's wolf it's described later. You have to give him a piece of raw meat, so he could lead you to Xardas's tower. It's a "follow an NPC' kind of task. This time your guide is a wolf Graypelt. You can get this quest when you give a raw meat to Graypelt.

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During a trip you have to take care for a wolf Graypelt cannot get killed but fortunately he is a skilled warrior. You have to talk to Hogar and provoke a duel. This duel is similar to the arena fights, so you can't kill Hogar you will need him in the future. Nordmarian will not attack you unless you kill Hogar. It's another "follow an NPC" quest. Larson gives this quest. You have to escort him during his searching for ore.

Larson cannot get killed. Grim the leader of the Wolf Clan gives this quest. Your job is to kill the group of Orcs camping near the bridge. Hogar can lead you there; he may also help you in the battle. Your job is to bring Jensgar 30 pieces of ice wolf skin and 10 pieces of bison skin. If you don't have it in the inventory go hunting - you are in the hunter's paradise.

Corwin the leader of the woodcutters gives this quest it's the second task from him. The woodcutters are hungry and they need some meat. You have to go to Rune the quartermaster of the Wolf Clan.

He tells you to take some ham from his store and bring it to the woodcutters.Together with your mate and firstborn infant, you have discovered a new place to call home. But there is danger - enemy clans stalk the borders of your territory, and you must defend what is yours from them… or they will take it.

Register or Login. This WUW is a little different! Over the past month, we have been giving a primary focus to the Admin panel and the server itself some more. However, due to some unfortunate circumstances, it has been determined that we likely are unable to We primarily focused on the back-end and server side of things during August, but we also shelled out quite a few of our colors planned for Alpha through our Patreon.

We still have plenty more c Last month we opened up Artist applications, held a poll for how color outcomes will work with breeding, and focused work on user accounts and staffing some more. Through the applications, we have added th To vote in the poll, you will need to make sure you have a Patreon account. You do not need to be a Patron of us to be able to vote, simply having a Patreon account should be enough to allow you to vot As planned for last month, we made a Posted by StarSea on 25th June Our Patreon has received some various updates over the past few weeks as we continue get settled in, including a brand new poll.

We'd love to encourage you to check them out! We have published our first official art-specific post, featuring a special t There has been a lot of discussion and consideration going on behind the scenes, and now I would like to bring details of the situation forward to you all. Let me int There's not much to report this month - art is being created steadily, but our two coders have been busy with other work.

There is good news, however: we've managed to secure some financial support for the site and are on the look Alore 3rd January Happy New Year Clanheart! We are aware of some ongoing issues with the image server. We are working on resolving these issues and appreciate everyone's patience.

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Add to Wishlist. The Animal wildlands is a dangerous RPG world, where the forest animals guard their territory while hunting and surviving off the land. For centuries, the wolf packs have remained at the top of the food chain, maintaining the natural order, led by their alpha, the last remaining dire wolf. When the dire wolf goes missing, you must lead your pack to greatness. Select a gray wolf or a black wolf, and start building your ultimate wolfpack.

A wild life simulation adventure awaits! Take on the world in online real-time multiplayer PvP battles. Hunt together with your team in co-op and battle enemy clans to control the most territory. Will you be the hunter or the hunted? Unique skills range from basic MMORPG abilities to fantasy elemental attacks - and even stealth skills which allow you to hide in the forest and become the ultimate predator!

A realistic breeding sim gives cubs stronger fighting attributes compared to their parents. Take your pups out with you as you raid other clans and hunt your prey. Your pups will watch your every move, learning important survival and life skills. Trail your pup well, else they will not stand a chance in the online multiplayer PvP battle arena. You can duel enemy clans and recruit their alpha to your den. Collect wolves, foxes, bears and other wild animals, each with realistic and fantasy evolution skins.

Each creature is rendered in stunning 3D graphics. Even foreign tigers have been spotted far outside of their borders, causing concern amongst the rest of the animals. There have also been rumours of ancient reptiles, rising to the surface from centuries of slumber, claiming the mountains and caves as their own. The gray wolves are now called upon to craft a solution in these troubled times. You can fight in online multiplayer PvP areas, tackle quests, role play, gather resources or raid enemy clans and take over their home.

You might even encounter the tiger king on your adventure a superior evolution of the natural tigerwho has been spotted in the forest for the first time in centuries! Start your day at the mountain peaks, watching the sunrise with your pack before embarking on your adventure for survival and territory dominance.Clan Wolf Unique among the Clans, the Wolves have and yet do not have a long and glorious history.

They are Crusaders and Wardens. They are the oldest Clan, and the newest. The two Wolf Clans share a common history, but are otherwise very different. Barely surviving the Refusal War fought against Clan Jade Falcon in the late s, Clan Wolf was reborn under the leadership of Vlad Ward and promptly reclaimed its position as one of the leading Clans. The Wolves kept a relatively low profile for the next decade or so, mainly concentrating on rebuilding their forces and making opportunistic attacks on their neighbors.

In the early years of the Jihad, a nuclear assault on their capital by the Word of Blake drew them into the larger arena of the Inner Sphere and drove home the need to work with allies. During the long history of the Clans many interesting and unique individuals have made Clan Wolf what it is today. Vlad Ward is perhaps the only man alive besides Nicholas Kerensky himself who can claim to have birthed a Clan by sheer force of will.

A mere Star Captain at the time of the Refusal War, he was nonetheless one of the primary instigators of the conflict that saw Clan Wolf fight for its very survival against the Jade Falcons. In the aftermath, when the remaining Wolves had been absorbed by the Falcons, only Vlad was true to his nature as a Wolf and he fought tooth and nail to resurrect his Clan. His success gained him the undying loyalty of his people and the rank of Khan.

Despite an intense hatred of the Inner Sphere, Vlad is a pragmatic man and has recognized the value in working with allies, including some who were recently enemies. As part of the Wolf Dragoons recon mission sent by the Clans in preparation for a full-scale invasion, she spent nearly five decades as one of the deadliest mercenary MechWarriors in history. Known as the Black Widow for both her skills and her preferred insignia, she became the stuff of legends. When the Clans finally invaded inthe Inner Sphere learned the truth.

Natasha returned to the Clans bearing information gathered by the Dragoons but not with the intent of aiding the invasion; the Dragoons had long since turned their backs on their heritage and hoped to protect the worlds they now called home. Ulric Kerensky was known as much for his political skills as his abilities in a BattleMech and at times it seemed like every aspect of his life consisted of one maneuver after another.

Whereas most Clanners eagerly fight for every available Bloodname, Ulric waited until a prestigious Kerensky lineage opened up rather than accept a lesser honor. As the protege of Khan Kerlin Ward, he had a front row seat to the scheming of the Grand Council that prepared him for his own election as Khan in As a staunch Warden, Ulric opposed the invasion of the Inner Sphere but was outvoted by the other Clans.

His election as ilKhan in was meant by the other Clans to tie his hands but with the help of Natasha Kerensky and the Spheroid adoptee Phelan Kell, he manipulated the Clans into the battle of Tukayyid.

The humiliating loss there granted the Inner Sphere fifteen years of peace to prepare for the future. Ulric fell from power due to machinations by the Crusader faction of his own Clan, but even to the end he manipulated events to his benefit.Template:Afd-merge to. Clan Wolf of the fictional universe of BattleTech is one of the most important Clans. Clan Wolf was founded in by Jerome Winson, brother-in-law to the Founder of all the clans, Nicholas Kerenskywho also became a member of this clan.

The chosen Clan of Kerensky, the Wolves have been a dominant force in the Clans since their beginning. Kerensky named the clan after the Strana Mechty wolfthe creature he saw as the ultimate warrior. This was not the last of the blessings the Founder gave to this clan - he became their leader, and bequeathed the cherished Kerensky bloodname and genetic lineage to them.

This greatly shocked and angered Clan Jade Falconwho initially believed that Kerensky would name their clan as his own. Ever since that day, there has been tension, rivalry and even occasional wars between the two clans. Clan Wolf proved themselves to be expert warriors: they annihilated Clan Wolverine and absorbed Clan Widowmaker long before their successes in the invasion of the Inner Sphere. In addition, they also perfected the Elemental body armor.

Clan Wolf proposed sending a reconnaissance force to gather intelligence before the Invasion, a force that eventually became known as the Wolf's Dragoonsarguably the best mercenary unit in the Inner Sphere, and crucial in stopping the Clan's invasion. There, Clan Wolf proved the mettle and reliability of its warriors, with only Clan Jade Falcon proving to be as reliable. This move proved fruitful and the planets defences were overcome as planned.

Nicholas Kerensky chose Clan Wolf to be the bearers of his genetic legacy due to their performance. This infuriated many Jade Falcon warriors who thought they performed as well or better than Clan Wolf. Eventually this led to another significant event in Clan history known as "The Culling". Being the clan that was chosen to carry the genetic legacy of Nicholas, the Wolves also acted as the Ilkhan's right arm.

They were actually the force that Nicholas used to impose his will upon the rest of the clans. There are two such events that highlight this: The annihilation of Clan Wolverine and the absorption of Clan Widowmaker. In the years after the pacification of the Pentagon worlds, tensions began to run high among the clans, with many beginning to chafe under Nicholas' rule.

Inshe entered into a heated debate with Nicholas about a disputed Brian Cache. Kerensky attempted to censor McEvedy before the rest of the council, which infuriated her and in turn she announced that from that point forward Clan Wolverine became an independent power, which no longer recognised Kerensky's authority. According to clan rules and rituals the remaining 19 clans bid in order to win the honour of annihilating Clan Wolverine. The two clans that made it to the final stages of the bidding were Clan Wolf and Clan Widowmaker.

The Wolves did win at the end, but were forced to reduce the number of forces they were going to use greatly. Clan Wolf forces landed on the Wolverine holdings of planet Circe on January 22, After beating back a ferocious Wolverine counterattack on their landing zone, the Wolves fought and defeated them in land, air, and space within two days.

When the shattered Clan Wolverine attempted to flee Clan space, a large running space battle began which lasted for another 19 days, in which the Wolves soundly crushed most of the Wolverine remaining touman. During the next two months, Clan Wolf destroyed all of the Wolverines holdings, demolished their buildings and forcibly sterilized their civilian castes.

All sibkos that contained Wolverine genes were terminated. Nevertheless, Wolverine Khan McEvedy managed to narrowly escape Clan space during the running space battle.

Wolf Clan - Jack Obtained Dark Matter - Pub Stomps Ep. 7

Of her once strong Clan, all that remained was a single warship, a number of bloodnamed warriors, and several Battlemechs in pristine condition as indicated later from reports About the minessota tribe raids in the inner sphere.

She made a few stops in the Inner Sphere grabbing what supplies she needed and disappeared again in the deep Periphery. These remnants of the Wolverines became known in the Inner Sphere as the mysterious "Minnesota Tribe. In the yearClan Widowmaker faced an internal problem.

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